Custom pack progress saving

Hello , just wanted to suggest a feature for the custom pack creator. Been trying to make one and I have been having issues with bad internet connection. the page often refreshes itself which resul

Sting ray replied 6 months ago

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Issue with uploading CSV for custom packs

Hi! I've been having problems making a custom pack from a CSV, on Firefox specifically. When I click on "Import CSV", I get an error message saying "File is not a CSV"... even though it is a CSV an

Moonside replied 6 months ago

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Site keeps logging me out

We hope to have this finally fixed now! Can you try again? 

Fleety91 replied 6 months ago

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"Today's Menu" not appearing in Card Collection

I've identified the cause of this, will roll out a fix that will be live soon. 

FEARattata replied 6 months ago

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Unable to upload

Sorry this should be fixed now!

MelffyPuppy replied 6 months ago

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Winged Kuriboh and Shining Star Dragon

These are getting added now. This was an issue in our script where it was looking for cards from Quarter Century Duelist Box Special Pack instead of Quarter Century Duelist Box.

MelffyPuppy replied 6 months ago

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Cards not appearing in Collection

That was probably an old Version of th e Collection Manager , it changed since the update. [size=1][url=][color=#303030]Flappy Bird[/color][/url][/size]   

Final Turn replied 7 months ago

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Storm of Ragnarok

So i was looking through the card lists for packs in the pack simulator and Storm of Ragnarok does not have its secret rares shown on the card list page.  Does that mean you cannot get any sec

DragonKaiser replied 7 months ago

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Downloading and storing images/data locally

I'm rather new in coding with API's so I was wondering if someone could clarify somethings for me.NOTE ON IMAGES: Do not continually hotlink images directly from

mapijs replied 7 months ago

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Card of Last Will - missing?

I tried adding Card of Last Will to my collection - looked it up using both card name & set code - but it's not showing. I also tried looking it up in the database - not there either.

fruitsalad404 replied 7 months ago

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